The New Acrylic Paint Set

6 premium grade pastel pigments designed to mix with white paint or water to create your dream pastel shades


Kerrie Hess Art Supplies

Just landed... Shop Kerrie Hess watercolour paper and paintbrushes, perfect for use with watercolour or acrylic paint, for artists of all levels.

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Kerrie Hess Art Prints

High Quality Limited Edition Art Prints by Kerrie Hess. Beauty and style for your home...

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Abstract Originals Collection

12 one-of-one original abstract artworks by Kerrie Hess. Inspired by all things joyful and calm.

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Give the gift of creative joy with a gift card to any of my online Masterclasses. Learn to paint with me through online tutorials designed to help you find creative calm through watercolour and acrylic painting.

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